Scout is Free of the Bag!

We’ve all been worried about the tenacious plastic bag whose looped handle has been tightly wound around baby hawk Scout’s ankle for days now. Rescue plans were being reluctantly discussed, but the inaccessibility of the nest would make any attempt to help Scout very difficult and dangerous.

Scout after escaping the plastic bag

Luckily, early this morning, when the eyas stood up, viewers of the live cam could see that she was no longer dragging the bag around. It isn’t clear how she got free of the nasty plastic, but we’re all extremely relieved that all is well again in the nest. Read more here.

Upper West Side Birds Being Poisoned?

Since the beginning of last week, half a dozen blue jays and pigeons have been brought to a Manhattan animal hospital, showing signs of poisoning. Click here to read the article.  

Let’s hope whoever is doing this isn’t also operating around Washington Square Park. While Rosie and Bobby probably never eat corn scattered on the ground, they do eat pigeons and other prey that might eat that poisoned corn.